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“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess. – Oscar Wilde”

Yes! Sounds like something that applies on me. As I’m obsessed these days with reading and reviewing Paulo Coelho books. What to do? I just can’t stop!

So here comes ‘Brida’ a book that promises to explore Occult and Soulmate theory.

‘Brida By Paulo Coelho’ ~~Synopsis: 

Brida, a twenty-one year old, is in search of someone who can teach her about magic. As she believes, learning about magic would allow her to discover and connect with her true self. She finds a man, the Magus, who recognizes Brida as his Soulmate.

Despite conflicting emotions, Magus agrees to teach Brida about the craft, but only if she passes a test. Which she does, but turns out Brida’s not a student of his ‘school of thought.’

Brida soon finds her way to another teacher of the craft Wicca with the help of a shopkeeper, who sells books about magic.

The shopkeeper shows Brida path to find Wicca because he wants to know why Magus is showing interest in the young girl. As all teachers know that almost all human beings have a gift. So what’s so special about the girl?

Wicca accepts Brida as her student and begins Brida’s journey toward becoming a real life witch. But there’s a catch or rather an agenda behind Wicca’s decision to accept Brida as her student. Wicca also wants to find out why her friend, ex-lover and a fellow teacher, Magus is showing so much interest in Brida.

However, neither Wicca nor Brida finds out about Magus’s interest in Brida until after the initiation ceremony. Also Magus needs Brida around to help him do atonement for a mistake he committed a long time ago. When due to jealousy in love, Magus used magic to interfere with someone’s free will.

“Emotions are like wild horse and it requires wisdom to be able to control them.” Paulo Coelho (Book: Brida)

It still disappoints me that there’s nothing paranormal in the book. The book is about exploring life and learning to connect with your truest self. Also, the main theme is about finding one’s Soulmate in this life and feeling complete. But of course, you can’t unless you can see the point of light on the left shoulder of your Soulmate.

But wait, it’s not that easy, as per the book, you might end up meeting more than one Soulmate in life. The theory perplexed me at first (as it’s too much work) but you begin to understand it better as you continue reading.

The book is a cocktail of too many ingredients like witchcraft, religion, spirituality, magic, search for self, incarnation, Soulmate etc. Some ingredients are indigestible and can make your head spin.

I found ‘Veronica Decides to Die’ more engrossing than this one. If only there was one character to put some life into the story.

What’s Not Sizzling:

Extensive use words like G(od) and R(eligion). At one point I just wanted to forget about reading the book. If it wasn’t a Paulo Coelho book, I would have abandoned it in the midst without a second thought. Because of the words I had an amazing time trying to keep my eyes open whenever they appeared.

Is it too much to ask for a nice witch story? I would have preferred the book to focus more on topics like witchcraft, self discovery and the theory of Soulmate. Well, at least there’s no shortage of quotes!

Also, this book confirms my suspicion that spirituality is nothing but a tamer version of religion. Meaning: if they can’t get you to join the league one way, then they’re going to try another version with a different heading of course.

The main aim is to continue with the outdated and outlandish theories as long as possible and go around fooling people.

The Verdict:

The writing style is smooth, but bland and not as engrossing as it always is, in almost all Paulo Coelho books. Hate to say it, but ‘Brida’ is just a good read.

Happy Reading!

Cited From: Passionate Book Reviews

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